We are creating a full stack web application for the “AYE Eats” restaurant chain. It offers a variety of items in their menu.

Front end:

The web application will have a landing page that shows information about the restaurant. It will also have a menu page that will list all the menu items offered by the restaurant.

The landing page will be a static web page. The data for the menu page will be fetched from an API. An item from the menu page can be clicked to open its respective page. This item can be added to cart to place an order. The menu page will be built as a Single page app (SPA). The pages should be responsive and should follow material design principles.


Data will be fetched using APIs. API should be built for different resources for menu items, for customer data, order history, and blog posts. The data will be stored in a database.

Menu items API should be publicly available so users can use it to build apps or use the data in their apps. Set a rate limit to avoid spamming the resource.

Data for blog posts will not be changed often once published, so it can be cached.

The server side should generate JSON web tokens (JWT) for authentication and authorizing user logins.

Implement an architecture or select a cloud based service that will host the frontend and backend apps that are secure, and scalable.

It is also imperative to follow good coding standards such as writing clean code, unit testing, performing code reviews before the code is merged into the main or master branch of the repository.

The software development and delivery workflow should be optimized by implementing devops principles such as continuous integration/ continuous deployment.